SPLIT Soft Straight Girth


A soft straight girth split either side of the sternum plate to allow straighter pull from a back girth strap descending at a slight angle rather than a broken angle that a normal straight girth would give.  It is used where a H girth would be too much but where the girth straps would otherwise create an uneven pull on a normal straight girth.  It will create a bigger triangle on the side of the horse which focuses forces and increases the stability of the pull but with less pressure as you do not have an over tightened strap, due to the triangle the girth strap creates being bigger.

Lengths of 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30 32 & 34.

Please note that whilst girth lengths are stated in inches, girths are actually metric. Which means that a 32 girth is 32 x 25mm = 800mm and this will measure 31.5.

Black or Brown butt top leather with a choice of panel leather colours to match your saddle.