Saddle Gauge


Three years in the development we have produced a gauge that will reproduce every single possible fitting permutation for the WOW range of saddles which adds up to staggering 567 combinations!  Furthermore, the gauge can tell you the bearing surface size and length for your horse and even gives a indication as to what type of girthing you would require.

When a client has a saddle, they can set the gauge to the fitting they have currently, and the gauge will tell them if the current specification is correct.  If it says it does not fit, then the gauge can used to work out the correct specification so that it does.  

For information on how to use the saddle gauge, please watch the Youtube video here .

Original RRP: £145

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UK Excluding Scotland and Southern Ireland

£8.40 including VAT

Europe EU Countries Only Including Scotland and Southern Ireland

£25 including VAT

World Wide Including Non-EU European countries

£35 no VAT