Leather Girths

We make a range of girths to compliment your WOW saddle.  Some of the designs are unique to us and are protected by Design Right.  The colours of the girth can be made to coordinate with your saddle if it is of two complimentary colours.

We now make two ranges of girths Padded and Soft.  The padded girths are more traditional butt leather girth with a leather covered foam pad.  The soft girths are made from soft panel hide leather.  This means that the girth is very thin and flexible and is especial good if your horse gets rubbed around the elbow because the girth groove is really forward.  Soft girths also contour very well to the shape of the horse and have a less intrusive appearance.

Please note that whilst girth lengths are stated in inches, girths are actually metric. Which means that a 32” girth is 32 x 25mm = 800mm and this will measure 31.5”.

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