Free Space Girth Long Version


This exciting new Free Space Girth from WOW will get your horse moving more freely or you can send it back.  We are that confident that your horse will be so much more comfortable.

This new innovative patented design has a Active Cushion Sternum Plate that has two parts.  The outer is a reinforced plate that will not give under girth tension.  This is spaced away from the horse by the Active Cushion which holds the Sternum Plate away from the horse's rib cage.  The Sternum Plate makes the girth straps bridge the pectoral muscles and it is this lack of pressure that is the key to allowing the horse to engage by the use of an unimpeded Rectus Abdominus and better leg retraction due to the Ascending Pectoral muscles not being squashed!

The girth is made from a synthetic leather that you will have to look hard to notice the difference.  The reason we use synthetic material is because of its' superior qualities of keeping clean and looking great even after years of use.

The girth straps can be the same or different length dependant on your horses and your requirements.  They can be changed at any time in the future very easily. Girth sleeves are included with the FreeSpace long girth, and have been designed to help stop pinching. Like all WOW products modularity is key and these girth sleeves can also be purchased separately.