Equiform™ is the result of searching for many years for a simple and reliable method of taking both two and three dimensional impressions of a horse’s back for measurement or comparative purposes. Many formulations and methods were tried but none were reusable, see through and affordable.   Equiform is a mesh and so one can see through it! It is ideal for checking a saddle’s fit as the shaped mesh can be offered up to the saddle and immediately one can see where the saddle does and does not touch the horse. It can be used as an aid in the purchase of new and second hand saddles, a guide for the saddler when re flocking and a template in the manufacture of a custom saddle. Once used it can be made flat again by re-heating for storage or kept as a record for comparison of the horse’s shape later in the year.
Equiform™ and Equiform Deluxe™ are re-useable thermal plastic meshes that when heated by pouring boiling water on them will become mouldable. They cool quickly allowing you to then use to form a rigid impression of your horses back. You can then take or send the “back impression” to your saddler rather than taking the horse so saving you time and money.
Equiform™ will stay true to the impression you take until it is reheated so you can use it again and again. The mesh is see through which makes it ideal for checking your saddle's fit if you suspect there is a problem with a saddle.
Equiform™ has two sheets of thermal plastic mesh.
Equiform™ is totally safe, being biodegradable and non-toxic. Equiform™ only requires hot water to become soft enough to be moulded. It does not absorb water and is not degraded by re-heating with boiling water.

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