First Thought Equine Ltd was established in 1994 with a view to creating a new way of adjusting and maintaining a saddles' fit for the horse.  What transpired from the four and half years of research and development was the Flair system. 

Flair is a replacement for the wool or foam flocking in a saddle with a system of air bags.  However, this is an over simplified statement as through research and testing of many saddles and horses Flair soon became a benchmark in comfort and performance for the horse.  10 years later there is still nothing better to put between horse and rider.

The the intervening years First Thought has had new ideas that have come from their ever growing experience with saddle manufacturer and saddle fitting.  Other additions have been Korrector the adjustable air saddle pad that will literally improve the fit of an ill fitting saddle so well that it will surpass performance of the saddle if it fitted the horse!  Korrector is available for English and Western saddles with equally good results.

The WOW saddle has to be a pinnacle in the company’s achievements making the first truly laterally flexible English saddle tree with carbon fibre technology.  Then taking this great tree and producing the first modular saddle with literally 10’s of thousands of combination for both horse and rider.  With every aspect of fitting interchangeable at anytime the WOW saddle has become the ultimately versatile saddle that saddle fitters turn to when all else has failed.

In the future we shall improve and develop and who knows, maybe get yet another good idea!