19 Inch Dressage Saddle With Dressage Flap with Moveable Large Blocks Plus 1 Inch

Pop Up Element
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    Seat Size: 19 Inch
    Tree Curvature: Curved
    Seat Style: Extra Deep
    Comfort Options: Standard Relief
    Dee Rings: Front
    Saddle Cover: Waterproof

    Flap Style: Dressage Flap with Moveable Large Blocks Plus 1”
    Flap Angle: Normal

    Panel Size and Style: 19 Inch DXWG with no Tab
    Panel Front Gusset: D- Standard
    Panel Rear Gusset: 2 Inch Standard
    Panel Stitch Line: Yes
    Panel Filling Currently: FLAIR

    Saddle Main Colour: Black
    Saddle Second Colour: Patent Black
    Flap Colour: Black
    Flap Block Colour: Black
    Panel Colour: Black
    Decorative Details on Cantle: Yes, White Stitch Celtic Knot
    Decorative Details on Flap: No

    Please order separately: 

    Head plates: Head plates

    Stirrup leathers: Stirrup Leathers

    Girths: Girths

    Saddle Cloth:  Non PocketWith Pocket and Wear Strip 

    Supercool: Non Pocket, With Pocket and Wear Strip

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