17” Dressage Saddle In Black With Dressage Seriously Straight Flaps


Seat Size: 17 Inch
Tree Curvature: Semi-Curved
Seat Style: Extra Deep with channel.
Dee Rings: Single front D-rings.
Head plate not included. To add a head plate click here

Flap Style: Dressage Seriously Straight flaps with stitched black and wear strip and infill.
Flap Angle: Normal

Saddle comes with the following panel

Panel Size and Style: 17 Inch EXFDXWG with no Tab
Panel Front Gusset: D- Standard
Panel Rear Gusset: 2 Inch Standard
Panel Stitch Line: Yes
Panel Filling Currently: FLAIR

If you wish for a different panel with this saddle, please get in contact with our head office.
Our office number can be found here

Saddle Main Colour: Black with Dark Blue leather facings (trim) and Navy stitch.
Flap Colour: Black with Navy floral infill and Black wear strip.
Flap Block Colour: Black with Navy stitch.
Decorative Details on Cantle: Nay floral infill on cantle.

Condition: Very Good

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